The Wonder Factory is a local, grassroots organization started in 2015. Its founders and representatives (Wonder Ambassadors) are committed to creating opportunities for kids and families to learn through hands-on play. We’re parents and students with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) + Art backgrounds who want to see a place in Flagstaff, AZ where the young and the young-at-heart can transport themselves into the roles of scientists, physicians, engineers, artists, and biologists.

Our mission at The Wonder Factory is to generate learning through play. We feel passionately that the next generation must be given opportunities for hands-on, interactive experiences in order to take their place as the thinkers, the makers, and the creators of the future. Short-term, our visitors have fun and develop a love of STEM+Art topics. Long-term our visitors go on to fill professional positions in STEM+Art fields within our community.

Our approach is four-fold: 1) provide traveling exhibits to classrooms and at events with the goal of bringing STEM + Art to as many people as possible, regardless of demographic. Once we have a location we will (2) include a toddler area for safe, youthful play, (3) provide a laboratory or “maker space” for members to design exhibits for The Wonder Factory as well as perform self-designed citizen science and engineering projects, and (4) offer the bulk of the floor space for interactive exhibits that will be fun for all ages. Currently we’re working on fundraising and writing grants to help get a location, visiting classroom and community events around Northern Arizona, and building hands-on exhibits from the ground up with the help of Northern Arizona University students. Our vision is to make a space (both physically and mentally) where the community can come together to celebrate STEM+Art year-round.