The Wonder Factory was founded by Jackee and Steve Alston, Flagstaff parents. Engineering, science, and art are passionate topics in Jackee and Steve’s home. Because of this, they visit many museums and kid-based discovery/science centers throughout the country, enjoying the wide spectrum of play-based learning activities these institutions offered. They wondered why a year-round facility like those they visited in other communities didn’t already exist in Flagstaff, a city designated as “America’s First STEM City.” It turns out their three children (then ages 11, 7, and 5) wondered why Flagstaff didn’t have a kid-based museum as well. While on vacation in October 2014, their kids came to them individually and expressed their desire to have a center back home. Jackee and Steve began collecting marketing data. Soon they found many like-minded parents and professionals who also would like to see something like The Wonder Factory succeed.